Manchester School of Technology

Our student plane-building partnership with the Manchester (N.H.) School of Technology

Students completed their first aircraft in August 2022. They are currently about half-way done building their second aircraft..

Progress update: Friday, Feb. 16, 2024

This month, students in the plane-building program continued to work on finishing the wings of Plane #2, and doing other tasks related to the “bathtub,” or center section of the RV-12iS. With the help of dedicated volunteer mentors, a lot of progress is being made in advance of Winter School Vacation Week, which in N.H. is Feb. 26 through March 1.

Below are photos from the past two weeks taken by Debbora Losch, the Aviation Museum’s education director.

Support the Manchester School of Technology Student Plane Build

The student plane-building program at the Manchester School of Technology uses NO local school tax dollars, other than for the faculty member assigned to manage it. Each completed aircraft is sold on the open market for about $115,000, with the proceeds used to pay for the next plane build. This makes the program essentially self-funding.

However, the program does cost about $10,000 per school year for tool replacement, supplies, transportation, and other incidental costs. The non-profit Aviation Museum of N.H. has committed to covering these expenses through donations. This is where your help is needed and important.

Consider a tax-deductible donation (via our online portal below) to help keep Manchester School of Technology students building aircraft in a well-supplied workshop. Any amount is welcome!