Around the World Flight Adventure

Our virtual vintage DC-3 aircraft soars over the Colosseum in Rome during our ‘Around the World Flight Adventure.’

During the pandemic, our regular education outreach program was forced to shut down. What to do?

We chose to create a free online learning program intended for students, teachers, and the general public.

Dubbed the “Around the World Flight Adventure,” the program used our professional-grade flight simulator to embark on a journey around the world.

Each segment we flew in our simulator was rendered to video and posted online with explanatory text, images, and supplementary materials.

And we invited everyone to follow our progress online as we flew from one fascinating place to the next!

The program received national attention, with Newsweek Magazine including our Memorial Day flight over the English Channel in honor of the D-Day landings one of the nation’s Top Five Ways to Five Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day Via Live Stream during the pandemic!

Because we’re a museum and into history, we chose a vintage (and virtual) two-engine DC-3 propeller plane for our aircraft.

So when it came time to arrive back in Manchester after our “Around the World” flight, we had a real DC-3 fly in, carrying the crew who made the program happen. Here are photos from that event in August 2020:

We hope to use our flight simulator to create similar remote learning programs.

For now, feel free to join us on a virtual trip around the world as flown during the Covid-19 school shutdown in 2020-21.

Around the World Flight Adventure