Donate an Item

The Aviation Museum of N.H. welcomes inquiries from those wishing to donate aviation-related artifacts, books, papers, and other historic materials.

Due to limited space and limited funds for conservation and storage, we must be very selective in what we accept to add to our collection. For details about our collection priorities, please see the “What We Collect” page on this site.

How to donate: To donate an item, please contact our archive office at (603) 669-4820, ext. 406. Please leave a detailed message outlining what you’d like to donate. If your material is of interest, we’ll set up an appointment for you to come in so we can examine your proposed donation.

If you’re unable to travel or transport your item, and you’re within an hour’s drive of the Aviation Museum, we’d be glad to schedule to time to come out and meet you at your location.

Alternative methods of contact: email Executive Director Jeff Rapsis at with info about your proposed donation. Or you can mail an inquiry to the Aviation Museum of N.H., 27 Navigator Road, Londonderry, NH 03053.

The paperwork: All items are accepted via a “Deed of Accession” which transfers ownership to the Aviation Museum.

Once a Deed of Accession is executed, the Aviation Museum retains all rights to the donated materials. The museum cannot guarantee that items will be displayed, as most of our collection is kept in storage, with items only rarely used for exhibits or presentations.

Items without historical importance may be accepted with the intent of selling them for fundraising purposes.

The museum cannot accept items on loan or for temporary storage.

Thanks again for your interest in donating an item. For additional questions or more information, please contact our archive office at (603) 669-4820, ext. 406.