Scale model of historic aircraft loaned to Massachusetts Air & Space Museum

Bryan McKay, operations manager of the Massachusetts Air & Space Museum, holds a model of the Gee Bee Model A biplane in front of the Aviation Museum.

A scale replica of a 1929 Model A Gee Bee biplane, a significant early aircraft built by the Granville Brothers of Madison, N.H., was recently loaned by the Aviation Museum to the Massachusetts Air and Space Museum in Hyannis, Mass., where it will be featured in a long-term display.

Bryan McKay, operations manager of the Massachusetts museum, and his son Will picked up the replica of the Model A, which represented a significant breakthrough for Zantford “Granny” Granville, who with his four brothers would soon design and build the legendary “Gee Bee” (for Granville Brothers) series of high-speed racing aircraft in the early 1930s.

Although originally from Madison, N.H., the brothers established their aircraft company in Springfield, Mass., where it operated from 1929 to 1934. The Model A (carrying Mass. permit number 3086 equipped with floats) first flew on May 3, 1929 and is considered so historically important, it’s featured on the logo of the Aviation Museum of N.H.

We encourage all to visit the Massachusetts Air and Space Museum, 384 Main St., Hyannis, Mass., which is open five days a week (Tuesdays through Saturdays) during the Cape summer season.

Meanwhile, at the Aviation Museum of N.H., you can see four other models of famous Gee Bee aircraft on permanent display in our Slusser Aviation Learning Center—plus you can take home a jar of Zantford Granville Raspberry Jam, one of our line of N.H.-made products named in honor of Granite State aviation pioneers.

Below are photos from when the model aircraft was picked up by our friends at the Massachusetts Air & Space Museum. We look forward to going down and seeing the model on display!

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