A conversation with ‘Lindbergh’s Last Pilot’

Capt. Ken Perkins, commercial pilot from 1955 to 1989, visits the Aviation Museum to reminisce about his career.

Capt. Ken Perkins, who flew for Capital Airlines and then United Airlines from 1955 to 1989.

Update! We’ve posted the full talk with Ken in our video library. Check it out!

On Thursday, Jan. 25, the Aviation Museum of N.H. welcomed Ken Perkins, 94, for a talk about his life and long career as a commercial pilot during what we now call the “Golden Age of Aviation.”

As a pilot for Capital Airlines and then United Airlines, Capt. Perkins flew everything from a DC-3 to the 747 in career that spanned 1955 to 1989. Among his distinctions was serving as co-pilot for the 1974 United flight that carried an ailing Charles Lindbergh from New York to Honolulu just one week before the famed aviator died.

The conversation was videotaped and will be posted soon to our website. Also, Perkins, a resident of North Hampton, N.H., has written an informal memoir, “Burn Before Reading,” a copy of which is in the museum’s library.

For now, please enjoy these photos by volunteer Steve Heffelfinger that capture a very special evening at the Aviation Museum.

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