‘Women of the Night Sky’ set for Thursday, March 14

‘Exploring Aviation’ program by science educator Jenny Powers aims to give girls something to look up to in astronomy

Educator and amateur astronomer Jenny Powers at the Springfield Museums in Springfield, Mass., where she serves as director of science.

Have you ever looked to the constellations and wondered about mankind’s place in the universe? Jenny Powers, director of science at the Springfield Museums, invites you to ponder women’s place among the stars as well.    

This Women’s History Month, hear a sneak preview of some of the stories in a show Powers is developing for the Seymour Planetarium in Springfield, Mass., which she hopes will help spark curiosity in girls and women about what lies beyond Earth’s atmosphere.  

The presentation, titled ‘Women of the Night Sky,’ will take place on Thursday, March 14 at 7 p.m. at the Aviation Museum of N.H., 27 Navigator Road, Londonderry, N.H. Admission is $10 per person; museum members admitted free.

The program is part of the Aviation Museum’s ‘Exploring Aviation’ lecture series, sponsored in part by Grappone Auto.

As a planetarium enthusiast, Powers has attended many shows that often focus on men as masters of the night sky, from early astronomers who first mapped the heavens to more recent times when male astronauts walked on the moon.

Powers’ goal is to create new programming that will allow girls and women to see themselves as heroines, scientists, and explorers of space in their own right.  

Powers is an experienced museum professional with a focus on STEM education and the power of simple, positive interactions.  She fell in love with astronomy while visiting the Seymour Planetarium at the Springfield Science Museum. 

An avid amateur astronomer, she loves to share her love of the night sky through museum programs, helping Girl Scouts earn their space badges, and sidewalk astronomy in her own neighborhood.   

In early 2022, Powers became the second woman to ever take the helm of the Springfield Science Museum, and the first woman to hold the position in more than 70 years.  

The program takes place on Thursday, March 14 at 7 p.m. at the Aviation Museum of N.H. and is open to the public. Admission to the event is free for Aviation Museum members and $10 per person for non-members. 

The Aviation Museum, a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization based in the 1937 art deco passenger terminal at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, is dedicated to preserving the Granite State’s rich aviation past, and also inspiring today’s students to become the aviation and aerospace pioneers of tomorrow. 

The Aviation Museum of N.H. was named “Best Place to Take Kids” and “Best Place to Geek Out” in southern New Hampshire in the 2023 HippoPress Reader’s Poll. 

The Aviation Museum is located at 27 Navigator Road, off Harvey Road, in Londonderry, N.H. 

For more information, visit aviationmuseumofnh.org or call (603) 669-4877 or email ldearborn@nhahs.org. Follow the Aviation Museum on social media at www.facebook.com/nhahs. 

‘Exploring Aviation’ series sponsored in part by:

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