Santa’s arrival by helicopter…

Santa Claus exit the Robinson R44 helicopter after landing at the Aviation Museum of N.H.

…and his departure by fire truck, too. If you couldn’t make it, here’s a collection of photos from our volunteers.

Santa’s arrival by helicopter at the Aviation Museum of N.H. on Saturday, Dec. 9 was aided by spectacular weather: bright skies, no wind, and warmer-than-normal temperatures. With about 800 people on hand, touchdown was right on schedule at 11 a.m., with Santa arriving in a Robinson R-44 Chopper piloted by Bob Cloutier of CR Helicopters of Nashua, N.H.

Once Santa alighted, he was escorted into the museum, where he met one-on-one with his fans for two hours. He then made his departure via fire truck courtesy the Manchester Airport Fire Department.

Many thanks to our fire department friends, who let a few lucky youngsters climb up into the truck’s cab while waiting for Santa. Thanks also to members of the Londonderry Police Department, Airport Division, who opened two cruisers for the kids to explore. Santa would agree that it’s really the ONLY way you should experience the inside of a police cruiser.

Many thanks also to our friends at Signature Flight Support at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport for facilitating Santa’s helicopter visit. Happy holidays to all!

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