Yellowbird Society meeting features ‘Barf Bag Geography’

Debbora Losch, education director of the Aviation Museum of N.H., speaks to members of the Yellowbird Society at the Nov. 29 gathering.

Several rounds of ‘Barf Bag Geography’ highlighted the fall meeting of the ‘Yellowbird Society of Young Aviators’ on Wednesday, Nov. 29 at the Aviation Museum of N.H.

The group, named after the “Yellowbirds” of legendary Boston-based Northeast Airlines (now part of Delta), gives young people interested in an aviation a chance to network, meet professionals in the field, and explore pathways to a future career.

The Yellowbird Society is open to students in our high school plane-building partnership at the Manchester School of Technology, participants in our ‘Flights of Discovery’ Summer Camp Program, and to any young person interested in aviation and aerospace.

At the Nov. 29 meeting, museum education director Debbora Losch led workshops in networking and other needed skills to compete in today’s job market.

And what about ‘Barf Bag Geography?’

Yes—using the museum’s extensive collection of vintage air sickness bags from all over the globe, students tested their knowledge of geography (important in aviation) by getting 15 seconds to identify a barf bag’s nation of origin, and then locating that country on a globe.

Students decoded bags from Hungary, Laos, Norway, Bolivia, and many other world nations. A really tough one: JAT Yugoslav Airlines, from a country that no longer exists! (Knowing it could not be located on a globe was the correct answer.)

The next Yellowbird Society meeting will be on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2024; for more information or to join, contact Debbora Losch at or (603) 669-4820 ext. 405. Or visit our Yellowbird Society webpage.

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