Museum receives grant from Saul O. Sidore Memorial Foundation

We’re upgrading our computers! No, we don’t mean these vintage “aviation computers” in our collection, once used to help pilots navigate or make weight/balance calculations. We mean the earthbound laptop kind…

The Aviation Museum of New Hampshire is grateful for a generous grant of $2,643.99 from the Saul O. Sidore Memorial Foundation, which will help upgrade the museum’s aging technology in several targeted areas. We have plenty of “computers” (seen here), but sometimes more modern machinery is called for. As a small non-profit, the Aviation Museum has never had a specific technology budget. For many years, staff and volunteers relied on donated computers from a mixture of sources, rather than a cohesive IT solution. The funds, received today, will be used to purchase equipment for the gift store, laptops for membership processing and archive use, and a new color printer. Many thanks to the Saul O. Sidore Memorial Foundation and all of the donors who continue to make the work of the Aviation Museum possible.

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