For educators

Our Around-the-World Flight Adventure is designed as a resource for a wide range of learning applications.

As we circle the globe, segment by segment, we’ll touch on subjects ranging from science and math to geography, history, and culture. Early segments have touched on everything from the Gulf Stream to Icelandic hot dogs!

As an online program, our flight is especially well-adapted for educators coping with the challenges of remote learning. It can be viewed via desktop or mobile phone. No special software is needed.

By following a “journey” theme that unfolds in real time, we inspire curiosity in fellow travelers and the desire to learn more about the world around us.

To encourage further exploration, each segment also comes with a curated selection of links to reliable sources of additional information for students to navigate.

And to specifically help teachers maximize use of this program, we’ve created a free ‘Educator’s Guide’ that provides more detail and context.

We’ll update it regularly as our journey progresses so you can plan ahead for discussions. And we welcome your feedback because like everyone else, we’re learning as we go.

What do you like about this program? What can we do better? We’re eager to hear from you. Contact Jeff Rapsis, executive director, via email at or at (603) 236-9237.

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